What is Icynene spray Insulation?

Icynene is a full spray foam insulation system that insulates and air seals properties through the creation of an air barrier. Applied in a single step, Icynene will last for the lifetime of the building regardless of whether it is a private residence or a large commercial property.

Icynene is a water blown spray foam insulation system that is made solely from recycled content which makes it an environmentally responsible choice. Icynene does not contain any harmful chemicals you might find in alternative systems such as formaldehyde or any other synthetic agents.

You can rest assured knowing that Icynene is fully compliant with building regulations. The system has been rigorously tested and proven to be highly effective which is why it is now certified by the BBA, the NSAI and the ETA.

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Benefits of Icynene

This greatly reduces the entry of airborne irritants such as allergens and sneaky drafts. When you combine our high quality spray foam insulation with adequate mechanical ventilation, the improvement in air quality will be drastic.

Icynene spray foam insulation will expand 100 times its original volume which means that it will be able to fill up any and all cavities to reduce thermal bridges (also referred to as cold spots)

Domestic customers opting for Icynene spray foam insulation will be able to benefit from highly advanced moisture management because the new air seal will greatly minimise air movement. This will help prevent condensation and all the related issues such as mould formation that can have a serious impact on your health.

The open-celled structure of these foams allows them to remain unaffected by wetting – Icynene will continue to operate at peak performance. It will also be able to dry the moisture that may have gotten trapped in adjoining materials like wood framing or fresh concrete.