Hydrophobic Wall

Hydrophobic Wall Coatings

Imagine taking a casserole out of the oven with a wet dishcloth. You will burn your hands very quickly… come on, we have all done it! Now try taking the casserole out of the oven with a dry cloth. Suddenly you can handle the cookware for much longer. This is because heat transfers through something wet nearly 3 times faster than something dry.

The same happens when you wear wet clothes. Wet clothes make you feel cold and you have to use more energy to try and get warm. This is why we shiver! This is also happening to our homes!

Wet walls = Cold buildings

Wet bricks convey heat 2.5 times faster than dry bricks, resulting in higher energy bills – 35% or more of our heat is lost through our walls.

Our unique transparent masonry paint, SecoTHERM guarantees to slow down this process, lowers thermal conductivity for at least in excess of 20 years!

A SecoTHERM installation creates a thermal barrier that does not let heat escape as readily, keeping your home warmer and more energy efficient. Take a look at the image below:

After cleaning a roof off in preparation for one of our coloured roof coatings, we spray an anti fungal solution to stop the growth of algae/moss.  After this we spray apply our coloured coating to the roof, creating a fantastic brand new looking roof.

All of our coloured roof coatings are specially designed to create an impermeable water barrier, thus increasing the life span of the roof. 

Our coloured roof coatings come in a variety of colours to suit our clients needs. 

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